15 things not to miss in Egypt

The home of pharaohs, pyramids and hieroglyphs, Egypt is not a country you should miss! Like flipping through the pages of your history books, see the hustle and bustle of Cairo, gaze in awe of the temples and be bamboozled by the mystic of the Pyramids.

If you’re visiting Egypt this year, see our top 15 things you shouldn’t miss!

1. Visit one of the seven Wonders of the World,  the Great Pyramids of Giza.

2. See the largest river in the world, the Nile River!

3. Over 30 pharaohs contributed to the construction of Karnak Temple, so you know it’s a big deal!

4. Wander through the ancient temple complex Abu Simbel which has been cut into the solid rock cliff.

5. Take a ride on a felucca, a traditional wooden sail boat, and soak in the atmosphere and sun.

6. Explore Philae Temple which was built in 690 AD to honour the goddess Isis.

7. Watch Luxor Temple get illuminated at night.

8. Check out Temple of Hatshepsut which was built in honour of one of the most successful reigning Pharaohs Hateshepsut and god Amun.

9. See the royal tombs of all the kings and high officials which have been cut into the rock valley, at the Valley of the Kings.

10. Gaze at the grandeur of the Muhammad Ali Mosque.

11. One of the most well preserved archaeological sites, Edfu Temple is dedicated to the falcon god, Horus and is a must see in Egypt.

12. Swim in the sea at Dahab, which is famous for it’s amazing diving spots.

13. Try some traditional Egyptian food such as Kushari which is made up of rice, lentils and macaroni.

14. Give the Sphinx a cheeky kiss, we dare you!

15. Last but certainly not least, experience the hustle and bustle of Egypt’s capital Cairo.

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