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18 Jun

12 things you can’t miss in Morocco

Morocco is a dream destination! Rolling red sand dunes, camping under the starry nights, the hustle and bustle of the souks and weaving through the streets of the medinas, it’s a country that should be on your travel radar.

It’s a one of a kind travel experience, and to help you make the most of you trip we’ve made a list of our top 12 things not to miss in Morocco.

1. Camp under the stars in the Sahara

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Camping under the starts! ? @jackdev92

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2. Drive in a 4 x4 jeep safari through the Sahara Desert

3. Watch the epic craftsmanship at the leather tanneries in Fez

4. Experience a sensory overload in the Marrakesh souks

5. Make new mates in the desert

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Making friends with the locals ? ? @ashh_brennan

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6. Re-enact Games of Thrones at Ait Ben Haddou which was one of the many filming locations used in the series.

7. Watch the waves roll in at Essaouira

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Arriving in Essaouira with the Travel Talk group was something our media team who are currently out there with us, had been looking forward to for ages! And they loved it! ??? By our media team we are referring to @jonny.melon / @kathymcpaul / @thefreedomcomplex – and they were also just with us in Egypt and Jordan! … “Essaouira was completely different from anything we had seen before and the vibe was incredible! Gorgeous sunset views, good company and awesome locations! It was so great to be back at the ocean for a bit! Now we’ve arrived in Chefchaouen with the group and it’s awesome here too! We’ve all been to Morocco before but we’re blown away by this journey so far ??” … Head over to our stories to see what they got up to today on the story takeover!

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8. Relax in a traditional Moroccan riad

9. Gaze at the largest mosque in Africa, Hassan II Mosque

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10. Visit the symbol of Rabat, the 144ft Hassan Tower

11. Take a photo of the most ‘gramed street in Morocco

12. Eat a delicious tagine (or twenty)

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