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We appreciate hearing from you. Here's what some of our past Traveltalkers have written in to us about their experiences.

egypt1) Sara Short - United KingdomESSENTIAL EGYPTThis is the first tour I have done and was very impressed with the organization, services, accommodations and prompt transport. I thought the tour leader did a great job, was very informative and interesting. He also dealt with the participants’ problem in a group in a fair and professional manner. He clearly loves teaching people about Egypt and I think made the tour fantastic! Thanks.2008-8-2Tour: Essential Egypt4

Random Reviews

egyptPratap BalakumarESSENTIAL EGYPT Having never been on an organised tour of this kind I was unsure what to expect and I was a little apprehensive, however this whole experience turned out to be a fantastic experience. Every part of the tour was superb from the transfers to the organised events. A special mention must go out to the tour guide Sam, he was exceptional, his knowledge of Egyptology was outstanding and he was never unable to answer any questions. He added humour and made the whole experience fun as well as educational. He was the nucleus in making the group bond and we have now made new friends for life. A special mention should also go to the staff of the Felucca; they went out of their way to ensure we had a good time.All in all a fantastic experience….Thank you Sam, the Felucca staff and Travel Talk.2007-8-15 17:524
croatiaL. LumerGreat tour! Thank you2014-5-27 0:05
egyptS. SchreckTwo of the best guides I’ve ever had.2013-5-18 0:05
moroccoA.BuckmasterExcellent tour – would recommend highly.2014-5-24 0:05

Quality Does Matter

Travel Talk does not only provide excellent value for adventurous travellers, but also strives to exceed expectations through remarkable inclusions and customer services reflected in an enviable 98,9% customer satisfaction in 2013. We are proud to be UK's Leading Adventure Tour Operator for the Mediterranean and well respected and recommended for all offered destinations, perfected with 10 years experience. This has been achieved through affordable tours with quality accommodation, transportation and sightseeing services combined with the enjoyment of local atmospheres and traditions of the destinations.

Guest Satisfaction Comes First

How do we manage to sell our tours at such affordable prices and keep the level of our services so high? The answer is simple : We put more value and take less profit. That's our company policy since the day we'd started.

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Please find below the result of traveller surveys carried out amongst all guests in 2013.

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Would you recommend Travel Talk to other travellers?


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